The wolves come out to play - Session 8

The group meets at the dining area of the Tavern in the morning. Travok mentions his dream remembering Meribonk’s name, and Salleek recalls his dream as well, however, his is a bit my cryptic.

The group checks out the postings in the Tavern for odd jobs as well as being told by the Barmaid that the Rowdy Room is also for sale if they know anyone looking to buy. A missing pig, A missing wife, a mysterious odd handwritten letter, and a request to kill all the wolves in Selgaunt.

After reading the postings, the Drow flys into a fit of rage, producing her Rapier and storming towards the door of the Tavern. Salleek attempts to calm the girl, but the rest of the group takes notice of the new items that Salleek now seems to have. Waterskins and a backpack.

They ask questions, but are rebuffed, and accusations began to fly, tempers boil over as the trust of the group slowly dissolves away. As Salleek attempts to comfort the Drow and calm her, he feels the threatening questions coming from his group. His mind racing a million miles a minute he feels himself beginning to lose control himself, the piercing fire from the drows eyes corrupting his emotions. He closes his eyes, clutching his book close to his chest, his hand still on the drows shoulder, “help me find answers” he whispers.

The questions continue accusing them, and he isn’t able to shut them off to protect the drow, why won’t they understand, why can’t they trust him, why is this so hard, and for the first time he feels the anger rise in him.

The group watches as a bright force bursts from Salleeks body. He is thrown back his arms back, his head up to the sky, a bright light illuminating from his mouth and eyes, mythical like wings burst from his back, spreading almost across the room, the flutter for a second and then quickly curl in, pulling the drow closer to Salleek, shielding them together.His mind's calms, the divine energy flows away, he regains his composure, but the wings remain for a minute, in which they take the time to speak in peace..

The wings fade and the Drow and Salleek are left standing there almost in an embrace. They both have calmed down now and regained their composure, but more suspicions have rocked the rest of the group. Before the group can respond to the new turn of events a scream and cry is heard from outside, "WOLVES!"

The group makes their way to the cow pasture where sheep are being attacked by a large pack of wolves. Meribonk commands cornball to hide, and with a snap of her fingers he shrinks into pocket owl and climbs inside her pocket.

The group is too far away to too much damage at first, costing them the lives of two of the sheep as the wolves attack.

Meribonk, senses something odd from the wolves, almost a communication like strategy as if they are speaking to each other, but she is unable to make much out. Fearing for the lives of the rest, she feels in the back of her mind a memory of fog and after a brief struggle recalling the words is able to cast Fog Cloud shielding the rest of the sheep from danger. The wolves are confused by the new turn of events, and while waiting for the fog to disperse or for one of the sheep to move or make a noise she finds another old memory casting Minor Illusion, creating a loud noise of a squealing pig closer to the group to distract the wolves with.

The illusion works and the wolves make their way towards the noise, but the group doesn’t seem to notice the wolves have no interest in them, only the food.

The Drow still angry from the events that took place last night and this morning clenches her hands into fist. Something was gonna pay today, even if it was just going to be a wolf, something would feel her wrath. She whispers a discordant melody at the wolf in her view. The wolves looks around, as if hearing the voices of satan in his skull, and then begins to shake its head chaotically. The shaking becomes so hard the wolf snaps its own neck, but at least free from the voices echoing madness inside its head.

Now much closer to the action the rest of the group begins to attack, stabbing, bludgeoning, and piercing the wolves. Mualia, gets the first physical kill, using her club, brings it down with all her might upon the wolves head. There is a sickening crunch as its skull collapses and its eye POP POP out of its head from the sheer force of the blow. Ra’hul swings his mace hard but the damage isn’t as great. Salleek casts a chilling spell that seems to bring up ghost out of the graves and freezes a wolf's heart.

The wolves quickly realize that there is no pig, but seeing the murders of their pack begin to attack these new creatures. Meribonk hits one with acid splash melting its face to the bone. The sight of the acid triggers something inside of Ra’hul who then turns and sprays a stream of acid breath across the fielding finishing off two wolves that are mid run.

The group stands in the field catching their breath after the intense fighting, with only one sheep down and no one injured it was a very successful fight.


Known As
  • Mualia / White
  • Green
  • Ra'hul / Purple
  • Meribonk / Black
  • Travok / Yellow
  • Salleek / Blue
  • Qarth / Red


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Name The wolves
Race Beast / Wolf
LNL Pasture


The team learns of their magical abilities.
The team learns of their magical abilities.


new enemy discovered


  • Wolves NAT20 and murder two sheep.
  • Ra'hul Nat20s and spews acid breath killing two wolves.