Creatures sneak out in the night - Private Session 5

The time in the bar has ended, and thanks to Green’s charming personality and wonderful performance the group was provided rooms free of charge and enough food to fill their bellys for the night. While everyone was off to sleep, Green was waiting for the moon to reach its peak so that she could venture off to Pegleg’s awaiting the riches he promised her. When the time came she Stealthed out of the Tavern.

Unfortunately she Crit Rolled a 1 on stealth with mods bringing her stealth to a 4.

As she is exiting out the door the bartender making his way to his room or perhaps making his way away from your room, stumbles into Green. He is very intoxicated speaking incredibly loudly, "MY MY MY AREN'T YOU A PRETTY LITTLE THING. YOU KNOW," he swaggers a bit, then regains his balance, "YOU SHOULD COME BACK TO MY ROOM, I AM SURE MY WIFE MIGHT ENJOY A LITTLE STEAMY SESSION TO SPICE UP THINGS" he winks or at least tries to but just blinks both his eyes in front of your face.

" oh may sweet man, I am tired from tonight and just need a bit of fresh air. Maybe if you’re not as... how to put it, wobbly tomorrow night I may take you up on that offer " with charming sweet seductive smile.

The bartender kind of nods and stumbles exiting into one of the room further down the way. Green sighs in relief and makes her way out of the Tavern.

What Green did not know (neither Brian the player of Green) was that Salleek had seen and heard to commotion from his room and had gone out to investigate. Seeing Green slip out, Salleek decided to follow her.

As green stepped into the nights cold air, the darkness enveloped her like a warm blanket. She shrugged off her hood, and then her cape. The cool air like a pillow on her skin. The moonlight is a waxing crescent, very little light out. The neighboring houses that she path along the way are just a small orange glow in the windows as the fires inside have burned down to small embers, but she have no issue with the lack of light.

Salleek was not as welcoming to the chilly night air and pulled her newfound robes closer to him and pulled his hood over his head to keep out the biting cold. He keeps his distance but stays close enough not to be spotted or heard by Green, curious as to why she would be venturing out at night. Green makes her way to Peglegs, resisting the urge to walk the road completely naked in the darkness. As they approach Peglegs you can see that he was expecting someone. The windows of the shop are aglow with light which both were able to almost spot as soon as they turned on the crossroads. Salleek would have lost Green at the corner, but due to the very obvious lit up building in the dark night was able to see Green making her way to the front door of the shop.

Salleek hears the door lock behind Green as she enters the trading post. He decides to wait in the shadows and watch from the window to see what occurs.

The remainder of this will be told from the viewpoint of Green -

Pegleg stands there smiling brightly. “I was expecting you, do come in.”As you enter Peglegs he offers to take your cape.

"Such a gentleman, so what would you like to start with, hmmm" replies Green slyly.

Pegleg leads you further into the shop, you hear the click of a key turning behind you, looking around you see 2 half- orcs, moving boxes to the counter, as they set them down they open them with crowbars and take out many garments which they then lay across the counter top over the splintered depression of Mualias early fit of rage when Pegleg had insulted Qarth by calling him an animal. You look over the garments each more varied than the next, and while the quality of the items cheap, they are still much better than those he provided to your group.

As you walk from left to right across the items, Peglegs follows with you his foot clopping on the wood floors, clop clop clop. The first two dresses are simple, brown, no sleeves, the next two are almost the same as the first two but they are long sleeve and green. The last is a solid red, with a golden colored hem, that flows out wide at the bottom has long sleeve arms that billows at the hands.

" Oh my what lovely cloths, are these for me, or would you like me to model them for you” ask Green innocently.

"Ah yes" he grins "Pick your favorite and you can model them for me, yes?" Green makes her decision, settling on the red dress and right in the middle of the shop, just as White had done earlier, stripped naked and changed as the half orcs grunted with amused pleasure and Pegleg licked his lips.

Pegleg was please with the showing, but wanted more and says sweetly. "would you try another? Perhaps this time you can change over there so as not to aggravate the orcs desires this time. They do have rather... unpredictable emotions" he motions you over to a corner, area that you see was not there before, it appears the be a roughly thrown together changing room of some sort that he most likely had put together just for this occasion as you know for sure it wasn't there earlier.

Pegleg hands her the very first dress, the simplest, with short arms and just a plain brown faded fabric, very clearly the cheapest of the group, but Green takes no notice, relishing the attention and makes her way to the changing room.

As she steps in, to her and Salleeks horror, the changing room slams shut, trapping Green inside. Once the clap sound made you hear Pegleg shouting "Now, get that bitch out of here, and do not touch her, Virion, will pay pounds of gold to fuck her raw, but not if you ruin her with your Orc cocks".

………………….. Flashback to Session 3

Earlier that day, before everyone ended up at the Tavern, the group had gone to Pegleg’s Trading Posts (Session 3). Pegleg had taken an immediate pervasive fascination with the young elven drow Green. Perhaps it was Green’s obsidian colored flawless skin, untouched by age. Maybe it was her pale, almost translucent haunting blue eyes. Maybe it was her long jet black hair, darker than a moonless, starless night. More than likely it was the lure of her innocent, naive behavior as Green attempted to charm and persuade the shopkeeper.

While the shopkeeper felt his sexual desires towards the young girl elevated, his thoughts were only on Gold. The raids on the road to Salgunt had decimated most of his trading supplies, but he was able to work things out, striking a deal with the raiders leader Virion Le Seagarten, unharmed deliveries, for fresh young girls. One by one the woman in the town turned up missing. The town had gone on alert, and just when Pegleg thought he was going to be caught, the wolves came.

While the wolves destroyed what was left of the town's economy, it was a blessing in disguise for Pegleg who now found the town was blaming the wolves for the strange disappearances. However, no money was trickling in.

Virion had grown bored with dwarven, dragonborn, and half-ocr girls and women that Pegleg provided him and was complaining that the lot fetched very little once sold on the black market. Virion had demanded more or better to continue the deal, even promising Pegleg a hefty fee for the delivery of something to excite his corrupted perversions.

Then Green walked into the shop. It had been years since he had seen an Elven Drow, a time before he had lost his leg, when he was still involved in more sinister affairs.

While the rest of the group shopped around, looking at the adventure items on the shelves, Green made seductive advances towards Pegleg getting herself a long metal Rapier. Pegleg pulled her close as she took it whispering, “Ditch your friends and come back when the moon is at its highest peak” with the unspoken promise of more riches for the girl.

He turned his attention back to the group and they continue to buy things and haggle with the human. As soon as they left he started piecing together the trap to lure the young Elven drow into.

……………………. Flashback End

Salleek witnessing all of this decides to distract the orcs and breaks the window of the shop, drawing their attention away from Green momentarily. He then backs away from the window attempting to remain unseen.

Luckily for Green she had grabbed her Bodhan before entering the trap, and feeling a panic wash over her, her instincts moved her to her musical instrument where she began to play. Singing a sweet seductive melody, she was able to cast “Charm person” on Pegleg, promising him sweet rewards. Pegleg turns completely smitten by the melodic voice tickling at his ears and says to the two orcs, "You two go, I can handle this one on my own, she's just a little one and in a box. The window was probably just a bird or something. Now shoo. Out the back" The two orcs a bit confused at first, turn to each other and then shrug and walk out the back.

Green knowing that the spell only works for an hour quickly has Pegleg unlock the door, the trap and then go to sleep in his bedroom. Once he is out of the room, Green breaks down shaking and crying, the realities of the moment overwhelming her like an ocean of emotions.

Sallek moves to comfort the young girl also realizing that things could have taken a deadly turn quickly had it not been for Green’s special song.

Salleek begins to talk to calm the girl “I wanted to apologize for the way I denied you a drink. I still believe minimizing alcohol consumption is important--we need to be on our toes, after all, but I admit that I was, perhaps, too harsh in the way I was expressing that belief."

"I would appreciate if, from now on, you talk to me, or at least someone in our group, before going on crazy outings like this. It's possible we could help you out in certain endeavors."

Green looks up at Salleek and nods, “I will try” she says.

Salleek glances off to one side and sighs before returning his gaze to the drow. "It wasn't my intention to make you feel as though you were looked down upon. I've simply been trying to watch out for your well being." He chuckles quietly for a moment. "I suppose, in a way, I've been trying to be a mother hen to you, rather than a travelling companion or friend."

Green brightens at the word friend, then looks at the floor for a as a tear runs down the side of her face.

Salleek blinks, surprised. "You're crying," he remarks, rather stunned. He'd not been expecting this, but quickly pushed away his surprise and reached to rest a hand gently on her shoulder, should she allow it. "Yes, what is it?"

" I think I made a very grave mistake before I lost my memory,” replies Green.

Salleek furrows his brows in concern. "A grave mistake? What do you mean?"

"You know the song I play when I fist pick up the drum, that person is my a way. I idealize him. And....." Green trails off.

Salleek offers respectful silence as she speaks and pauses, waiting to see if she is willing to go on, or if she just needs time before she'll be okay.

"... I think I made a pact with a demise of the Infernal Plain. But I can not remember what for. Their laughter haunts me in my trances. At first I was angry, hatred rising in me. But now as I find out more of my true self, I'm scared." Green puts her head into Salleeks shoulder and weeps softly. "I'm not really a bad person," she cries.

Salleek seems stunned, but as the young drow rests against him, he instinctively pulls her into a hug. In hushed whispers, he spoke. "It'll be alright. I believe you, Green. Whenever you need it, I'll be with you to help you out."

Green softly says " Thank you" and after a few moments of silence, they both stand and proceed to look around the shop quickly, searching for items to take to make the events of the night appear to be a robbery. They also stack a few small feed barrells into the trap in order to make it appear like Green is still in them in case the Orcs come back.

They both head back to the Tavern to rest up for the morning.


Known As
  • Mualia / White
  • Green
  • Ra'hul / Purple
  • Black
  • Travok / Yellow
  • Salleek / Blue
  • Qarth / Red


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