Awakening - Session 1

This is a game about discovery. About adventure. You awake, as pure as the day you were born, a lump of clay unshaped on the potters wheel. The memories of lost loves do not weigh on your heart. The scars of lost battles do not remind you of your victories and defeats. A parent’s slow decent into madness does not haunt you. Memories of a child’s first laughter does not bring a smile to your face. You do not recall your friends, nor your enemies. You have no alignment, as your are, at its purest forms, true neutral in this world.

You wake. Your head pounds and you squeeze your eyes shut as the sunlight burns them as you are on your back looking up at the sky a large ball of fire angrily blazing down upon you. You turn over quickly to shield them. You feel fine sand all around you, pooling into every crevice that you leave as you turn. You lift your head up to avoid breathing in the fine sand and grimace. The sand is hot in this new spot as if it has been baking underneath the sun for hours. Have you been baking as well… you do not know… you lift your head. Where are you? Your brain is turning a million miles a second but no answers come. How did you get here? It’s as if the questions are bouncing around in an empty hallway, echoing down the dark corridor and getting lost at the end with no response ever coming back.

You open your eyes again. You can see the fine brown sand. A tan like color, that falls between your fingers like sands in an hourglass as you pick some up. The air around you smells salty, you know the seaweed stench of the ocean. You know this is a beach. But who are these people around you…

You can hear the waves crashing gently, you hear the sound of seabirds in the air....

Each one of you sees 7 creatures in front of you. All are dressed the same in a undyed cotton shirt and undyed cotton pants. There are no bags, weapons, or shiny things in your possession

You look to yourself, your own body, and see you are wearing the same garb as them. There is a fire pit that has been extinguished. There is no smoke coming from it. You see around you tall cliffs. The sun is above them so they cast no shadows at this time.

You go and look in the waters of the ocean that laps at your feet as you step in it. You can see your reflection. A creature looks back at you... but your mind, it cannot find the words to properly explain what it is looking at. The words appear to fade before you can think of them.

A series of plateaus stacked on top of one another rise high into the sky. Here the wind comes down hard from the cliff, chapping your face. As you get closer, you can make out the details of the lowest plateau. The 75-foot-high cliff leading up is marred with small, circular holes big enough for a rat.

Looking at the cliff more closely, you can see that the holes are spaced too far apart to be used as climbing holes, however, it seems to be climbable. You do notice the holes appear to look as if burrowed out…

After some discussion the group decides to climb the cliffs. After a long struggle, that takes most of the day, Blue finally makes it to the top. Purple is next. Purple starts assisting each person up one by one, despite the clear view of a house at the top of the cliff, where food, water, and possibly answers await him. Slowly the majority of the group makes it to the top, save for Green and Black, who due to heat exhaustion has been stuck clinging to the side of the cliff most of the day hanging on for dear life.

Purple and Blue stay at the top of the cliff ready to assist anyone up. They shout down words of encouragement to Black and Green who seems to have become traumatized from the heights. Despite the frustration, Black manages to push on and upward, however, on her way she disturbs a flying snake nest in the hole which lunges out of the hole snapping angry at the creatures that have invaded its territory.

Green seeing the flying snake ready to lash out at Black, climbs downward to help her. Purple seeing that a snake has taken an interest in Orange climbs down to help him. Red gets bitten by a snake, but manages to grab hold of it and squeezes it tightly, it's eyes popping out of its skull, ending it's life. Orange looks around for a rock to heave at the last snake. He finds one and picks it up and hurls it at the creatures head. He hurls the stone at the snake, hitting the flying snake dead center, killing the flying reptilian. Seeing that Orange had success with the rock, Blue picks one up as well, heaving it at the last snake, which crunches its head, ending the cliffside battle.

With the danger eliminated, the group slowly makes their way back up the cliff. Orange is the final creature to make it over the cliff and to the top, and as he pulls himself up, the group sees that the sun has moved beyond it’s highest point and is not setting behind the house in the distance.

The group heads towards the house as its shadow grows longer and longer.


  • Black falls unconscious from snakebite
  • Black rolls Natural 20 on death save.


Known As
  • White
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red


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Day 3
Creatures sneak out in the night
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The Holy Beacon and Hinger's Hammer
Day 2
Pegleg's Trading Post
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The Dragonborn's hut
Day 1


  • Common Natural Language


discovered new locations
Saerloon beach
Saerloon cliffs