Conflict Resolutions - Session 11

Back at the Rowdy Room, Meri, Mualia, and Qarth get to drinking and various mischief around the bar, winning and losing gold and silver during some arm wrestling matches. Travok and Ra’hul set aside their differences to journey to Pegleg’s Trading Post to attempt to sell the pelts. Green and Salleek head off to the Quill and Stopper to translate the strange posting found in the bar as well as check in on Green’s request.

Travok and Ra’hul

As Travok and Ra’hul make their way down the path to Pegleg’s in silence, carrying the wolf pelts, Ra’hul finally speaks up, "I... Apologize for my outburst earlier. I'm sure you can tell the kind of stress we're all being put through. To be honest, I don't know what came out of me... But I know my intentions are still good."

Travok responds, "I understand, but what you did has changed my perspective of you Ra. We clearly are not too fond of each other. And I am worried about your desire to take my father's map away from me. Do you know anything more about the map? Like where it leads?"

"No... all I know is how important it is to me. How it is the key to all that I am, everything I've been fighting for over my life... And can't that mean that it's for the good of us all?" Ra’hul asks.

"Not if you are trying to take it away from me.” Travok replies, “ My father gave it to me after he died, that alone makes it important to me, as well as it being of such importance to my best friend."

Ra’hul contemplates for a moment and then speaks, "I do not wish to take it from you. I wish for us to work together, or at least for you to understand that it serves a purpose for more than just you."

"That's not the message I got when you left me with these," Travok says, indicating at the wounds on his face from the acid, "But I understand now you want to work with me, and I think that we should, two heads are better than one."

"Ah yes, I'm... sorry about that." He mutters, reaching over to place a cautious hand on Travoks face, attempting to use Lay on Hands to heal the wounds on his face. "I can't say that was exactly intentional... I had just used the very same acid to kill those wolves. I suppose I need a freshener." He said with an apologetic chuckle.

They both feel a weight off their shoulders now that the tension is being eased.

They continue on their way to Pegleg’s.Finally arriving at the shop they notice the shop has been locked and abandoned. It is completely empty. They notice a broken window next to the door as well.

"Do you think Salleek could have done this?" Travok asks.

"I would hope not... Though honestly I don't know anymore. But I'd be quicker to bet it on Green," responds Ra’hul.

Realizing that Pegleg has abandoned his shop and the other suspicious circumstances such as the new items that Salleek and Green both have, Travok and Ra’hul head back to the Rowdy Room to inform the others of Pegleg’s disappearance and to question both Salleek and Green if they had anything to do with it.

Salleek and Green

Upon entering the Quill and Stopper they see that the shop looks the same as it did the first time you entered it yesterday, small and is kept clean and neat. Several scroll cases marked with arcane runes and small vials of red and green liquid sit on display inside a glass counter. Behind the counter sits a well-groomed half- orc. Yesterday he was wearing blue robes, today he wears red still reading what appears to be the same tome as yesterday. As you enter he speaks without looking up and says in perfect Common, “Groknarg Wrathaxe at your service. How can I be of assistance on this fine day?”

As he looks up he sees you and sets his book down “Ah, hello young one, I was expecting you! Are you ready to make a purchase?”

The Drow and the Shopowner discuss their previous conversations while a confused Salleek stands wondering what it is all about. Groknarg is insistent an item needs to be purchased before he will provide any information to Drow, however, so the pair reluctantly purchase a vial of acid, the cheapest item in the shop with the deal that Groknarg will translate the weird letter for them as well.

Once the purchase is made the half orc chuckles, "wonderful thank you for purchase, now..." he rummages around and brings out a big black book.

“You need to journey to the Great Library of Candlekeep, there you will find the Cloistered Scholar, Morvir Skamarir, let me warn you, he is a Tiefling, and a bit… “ the orc pauses thinking for the right word, “mad. Candlekeep is not accepting of anyone but, since you are a drow that can speak the language of Morvir’s study, I am sure that someone will allow you in, with a bit of coaxing.”

He pats the book on its cover. From what you can see the cover is black leather with geographic carvings on the cover and spine that were rubbed with some kind of white dye but has faded off with age. The pages appear to be very thick parchment, but very old.

"This here contains every map created by Elminster Aumar after his travels” You notice that the book remains close. "I am assuming you need a map to candlekeep yes?" The half-orc attempts to make some more money off of the unsuspecting duo, but in the process fumbles and drops the book, breaking the spine and spilling the map pages everywhere. While picking them up both Salleek and Green attempt to memorize what they can and then proceed back to the Tavern. In the commotion they forgot to get the letter translated.

On the way back to the Rowdy Room Green admits to Salleek that she feels vulnerable due to her lack of memories, while everyone else seems to be having them.

Everyone is back inside at the Rowdy Room for the night.

Salleek glances over at Ra'hul and Travok. "So, looks like there's good news: you both haven't killed each other. Anything happen when you went to Pegleg's?"

"I was going to ask you about that too." Travok said turning to Salleek, "He's gone and so is all his stuff. The place was locked and the window has been smashed. Did you and Drow have anything to do with that?"

Drow speaks up asking, "Travok, was there a big crate in one corner that say could fit a person my height or a little bigger when you got there?"

Salleek seems startled at the mention of Pegleg being gone before shrugging. "Hopefully that makes him less of a problem for us, then. As for the window? That was my doing. The lack of stuff? Only partially our fault." He then pauses, looking over to Green, blinking.

Meribonk is becoming frustrated with Drow’s and Sallek’s unwillingness to be forthcoming on the night at Pegleg’s. "Ugghh, stop being cryptic. Just spit it out."

Travok growls at Salleek, "everything was gone, explain yourself Salleek, I am tired of all this hiding."

Ra’hul chimes in, "I agree. This habit has gone too far. If you expect anyone to trust you with anything, you are going to have to stop acting like you have something to hide."

The Drow just smiles, "He skipped town from the looks of it"

Travok slams his fist on the bartop. "Tell us, word-for-word what happened, you keep dancing around with these secrets!"

Meribonk "It's fine if you killed him and threw him in a pile of trash, just tell us"

Salleek turns to Green, something akin to desperation in his eyes. "I don't know how much you're willing to have them told, so why don't you explain?"

Ra’hul hearing Salleek speaking to Green scoffs, "So you are hiding something."

Drow looks at the group, "If you hear the truth, you will think different of me,” she says angrily at the party, trying to control her temper.

Travok speaks up, "We don't know anything about you Drow, you are the same to me as anyone else, the problem with you two,” he says pointing at Drow and Salleek, “is that you don't tell us what is going on, It sounds like you have damaged someone's business, and by the sounds of it stolen some of their goods and drove them out of town."

Ra’hul agrees quickly with the hill dwarf, "How are we supposed to know how revealing the truth will make us feel if you refuse to admit the truth!" He said, getting visibly frustrated. He turns to the Drow, "Look, your temper tantrums have gotten you out of this conversation enough times. If you're going to be part of this group, use our money and be protected by us, you're going to give us honesty and that's all."

Meribonk nods furiously, her large curls bouncing on top of her head like a pile of pogo sticks.

Drow stands up and screams back, "You all get your memories back and I have nothing but nightmares. Maybe I shouldn’t trust any of you. For all I know you’re trying to kill me or sell me like that filthy human tried" Drow looks at Ra'hul and pulls out her Rapier and hands it to him hilt first, "If you don’t trust me, then go ahead and end my suffering and put it through my heart. End the suffering for us all" she closes her eyes.

Ra’hul gives an exasperated chuckle. "Oh, please. Your life is only as hopeless as you're making it. And don't hand this to me again unless you want me to keep it." He says pushing the hilt of the sword away from him.

Travok, now angry, takes the sword and throws it to the floor, "We don't want to hurt you! The truth is you would rather die than be honest with us!"

Salleek finally seems to snap, slamming his hands down on the counter. "Fine! You want to know the full story? The truth is that she went off to Pegleg's after being promised clothing and riches, and then was nearly sold to be a slave and raped endlessly until the ends of her days! If it weren't for me, she wouldn't even be here, and you're all acting as though her feelings don't matter--that her mental health is little more than a damned toy!"

The group seems to go silent, except for Ra’hul who sits down and turns to his steak. “Was that so hard? Nobody can help you, because you didn't TELL any of us ANY of this, so don't act like our confusion is anyone else's fault."

Travok nods agreeing, but refusing to meet eyes with Salleek and Drow, "You created this stress yourselves by not telling us. I am sorry that almost happened, but you could have saved yourselves all this trouble by just being honest with us, it is not just you two against the world you know?"

Meribonk after a few moments of silence says quietly to Salleek. "Thank you for telling us." and turns to the Drow. "I'm so sorry."

Salleek still frustrated storms out of the tavern to calm down.

Drow is just standing there lost in her own head, eyes turning red as the fires in hell.


Known As
  • Mualia / White
  • Green
  • Ra'hul / Purple
  • Meribonk / Black
  • Travok / Yellow
  • Salleek / Blue
  • Qarth / Red


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Name Morvir Skamarir, Cloistered Scholar
Race Tiefling
LNL The Great Library of Candlekeep


Travok and Ra'hul make amends.
Travok and Ra'hul make amends.
Salleek and Green learn of the Great Library of Candlekeep.
Salleek and Green learn of the Great Library of Candlekeep.


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