Pegleg`s Trading Post- Session 3

Pegleg took the money from Salleek, counted it all out, then turned away and started pulling bits and pieces of items off the shelves as he walked around, a clop clop clop being heard every time he had to to move as his wooden peg leg hit the floor. He was a bit lost in thought as he worked paying no attention to anyone else. With everything he grabbed he moved it to the counter and then went searching for more. After a few minutes he finished gathering all the supplies and moved back behind the counter. “This is what I have for you at my shop. I recommend going to Hinger as he can take care of the weapons, but I don’t carry most of those. You are very lucky that I owe Alcaeus a very large favor as this” he gestured towards the coins on the counter, “doesn’t even begin to cover the cost.” As he says this he eyes Green and then turns to the supplies at hand.

“For you” he says as he points at white and then hold up a large wooden club. White takes the item turning it in her hand. It is crudely shaped, but it is heavy, and the wood seems solid.

“This is sugar maple wood, some of the best club wood you can have. I got this from a traveler who made it through Trollbark forest. There is nothing special about it other than the fact that it hits things…. Hard,” he grins and winks at White as he says this. “Of course I don’t sell any clothing your size, as we don’t get any of your type around here... ever, but I have this,” he produces a faded dyed green fabric and tosses it at white. “I thought that it would be used for the banners, but once the governess took power, she was a bit... picky with her colors and decided green wasn’t one of them, so this is useless. Make of it what you will. Perhaps you can tie it off with this rope until you are able find a seamstress or leatherworker ” He tosses the fabric to White who tears the fabric in a ¾ and ¼ strip tying the smaller strip around her chest and the larger through her legs and then around her hips. She ties it off quickly and securely a process that was more of an afterthought and then takes the club. The item feels a bit cheap, and while it is a weapon, she wonders if it will be of any use. She pays no mind to the group standing agape watching her change in the middle of the store. Seeing that she didn’t need the rope for clothing, Pegleg reaches to take it back, but White is faster, grabs it and throws the 50 feet of silk rope over her shoulder, knowing she can use this for something else rather than clothing. As Whites clothing does not cover her midriff you all notice there is a very large diagonal scar across her stomach, stretching from almost her covered breast down to her hip. The scar tissue is thick and you can tell that the wound had one time been very deep.

Pegleg shakes his head slightly at White taking the rope but decides it isn’t worth it and turns his attention to Yellow, “Now you sir, I am sure you have seen that we have many items of your size. If you actually come back with some cash you could pick whatever you want,” he clears his throat and pauses realizing that he may have backed himself into a corner, but he continues on quickly, “what I have for you this leather armor” he opens plops the leather armor onto the counter and a bunch of dust rises from it. There is a bit of a mildew stench coming from the armor that Yellow doubts will be able to ever get out, but he sighs and takes it, then looks around sheepishly for a private area to change in as he doesn’t have the courage of White. Pegleg notices and waves him off to behind one of the shelves. When Yellow returns in the leather armor Pegleg throws him two small handaxes. “I can’t seem to get rid of these, everyone wants a pickaxe out here. They might make fun of you if you venture to close to the mines. Their a bit dull, so when Hinger ask him about some smith tools to get them sharpened.”

Yellow gives one of the handaxes a flip into the air, it spins 5 times rapidly and he catches it with the handle with ease. “I’ll make it work” he says and gives Pegleg a nod of thanks.

The group and Pegleg are distracted by a whistling tune coming from the corner of the shop. Everyone turns to look to see Black holding a pan flute up to her lips frozen mid blow, her eyes wide at all the attention looking at her now. She smiles sheepishly. Pegleg nods towards Black, “that one was very easy to take care of,” he starts “there had been talking of a schooling for youngsters being set up here, and I thinking it be a good idea to make a few gold, went on a gamble and picked up some youngsters clothing and toys and musical instruments. I thought there would be more kids around here, but then the Governess decided to spend funds else where and the deal fell through. Serves me right for thinking that way. Haven’t been able to get those off my hands. You can keep the Pan Flute and these for dressing, and hands her a dress that is tight at the top but then flows out. It is faded purple and brown.

Black takes the items and Pan Flute and shoves them into a basket used by farmers to collect vegetables. She then prances around the room browsing all the items swinging the basket back and forth. She notices a small strip of cured leather on the ground, checks around if anyone is watching, then picks it up and puts it in her basket.

Pegleg looks at Salleek, “For you sir, you may have better luck at the Holy Beacon. While I have plenty of items, I don’t feel it's necessary for me to provide you when you can get something likely for free from your brethren. I am running a business after all.” He pauses thinking for a moment and then turns to the back of the shop and rummages around. As he does this Salleek snatches a quill, paper, and small vial of ink from Peglegs counter and jots down the “Holy Beacon”. Salleek pockets just as Pegleg turns around to catch him, Salleek smiles widely saying, “you mind if I keep these” as he does, not really asking and still a bit suspicious towards Pegleg due to his curious behavior with Green and racist behavior towards Red. Pegleg grumbles something under his breath but does not object. Salleek you now have a writers kit.

He places a quarterstaff on the counter. “Perhaps you can deliver this to the Holy Beacon if you are going that way for me? The priest Gulmor up there requested this item and I haven’t had time to get it over to him yet.” Salleek agrees to the ask but things about keeping the item. “You there,” he points at Purple, “You may have better luck with Hinger. Alceaus and Tael have their things made custom with him so perhaps he can fit you with some left overs. Take this as well and give it to Tael next time you see him” he slides a Dragonchess set to Purple.

He then lays out 6 bedrolls and and enough rations for 6 people. He drops a few copper on the counter. “I assume you need money for food so I am going to leave you a few copper (10 copper is left), but I expect you to return to ol Pegleg’s here when you have the gold to upgrade your items. If you need more money I heard they are offering a hefty reward for some wolf pelts at the Tavern, last time I was there it was up almst 400 gold! I think that will be all yes?” Yellow, Salleek, and Black all notice that they have been sorted. They were 7 and only given 6 items. Red had not been provided anything.

White was seen visibly shaking by Green the Drow, but White is unaware of the attention. White has fallen into a blinding rage that is running through her veins, clouding her vision. She sees flashes and stars as her adrenaline surges. This coward, this human, this being, no respect, no honor, hiding behind his counter tossing words at her friend. At the thought of “friend” White is teleported back in time.

She is no longer at the trading post, but an outside rink. There is dirt around her, the sky is blue and bright, but she cannot see anything around the land as a large wooden walls in a circle block her view. The walls are stained dark. In spots you can still see the red from the blood, but in the larger areas it has turned the wood black. She stands at the center. The ringleader with her, the ringleader announcing her as the contender and then moves to the other.“And now, the undefeated champion of Baulder’s Gate, defending his title, Qarth!” A wild thunderous uproar of cheers echoes around the rink. White can see the men standing and shouting, many drinking, she sees her friends now, she remembers them, the ones she traveled long with, the ones that were friends before they betrayed her. She sees them cheering for her. Pumping their fist and pointing and mimicking fighting moves, sending her silent gestures of encouragement. She smiles back at them pointes at Qarth and rolls her eyes. She was much larger than this so called champion, taller by at least 3 head, and a good 15 stone heavier at least. She too was undefeated, but as this was not her home, so no one other than her friends knew that.

The rink stands were packed. They always were. It wasn’t often the men got to see a woman fight. Especially one of her size. It was always standing room only. She even had nobles come to see her fights. White cracks her knuckles, pops her neck side to side and shakes out her legs. This would be easy. This would be fun. “Anything goes, you fight till their down. I don’t want to be cleaning up dead bodies so try not to kill each other. You start when the Gong is hit.”

She grins. Qarth, the champion, is not grinning, just watching her, his eyes are piercing, his composure solid. He doesn’t seem concerned or even worried about her size, as many that she has fought are. He shows no awe, no emotion. He positions himself. She crouches.

The sound of the Gong Echoes in the air.

White is snapped back to Pegleg’s trading post. She moves quickly towards Pegleg and slamming her closed fist onto the countertop. The group feel the floor shake underneath them. The wooden counter top splinters where her first came down. Her face now inches from Peglegs, his eyes wide with fear, hers filled with anger and violence.

“His name is Qarth” she growls.

Pegleg does not move, the blood has drained from his face, his eyes almost white by the size of them, his lip quivers.

“Say it” she commands him.

“Qarth” he stammers.

White stands, she breathes heavily out her nose still watching Pegleg. She flicks a few wooden splinters out of the bottom of her hands still watching Pegleg, then turns to walk outside, but as she does places a hand on Reds shoulder, now know as Qarth shoulder then continues out the door followed quickly by the rest of the group.

The group has a short argument outside over where to go next the Tavern or the Holy Beacon. Salleek insists that there is no good to be found at the Tavern and they all need to stay sober. The rest disagree, and being overruled they all make their way to the local Tavern.

The Tavern - The Rowdy Room

The group found its way to the local Tavern, The Rowdy Room. In the mining town of Saerloon they mine salt rock. This is a town where dwarves, half-orcs, and those outcast from their own societies come to make a few silver and send it back, spending the few coppers they keep at the local Tavern, “The Rowdy Room”.

From the outside it looks dull, broken and dark. Small stones and sandstone pillars make up most of the building's outer structure. It's tough to see through the stained glass windows, but the ominous atmosphere from within can be felt outside.

As you enter the tavern through the small, soft wooden door, you're welcomed by a coldness and you are greeted to the smell of stale ale and roasting meat.

It's as horrible inside as it is on the outside. Squared, stone beams support the upper floor and the candles attached to them. The walls are decorated with mounted animal heads and small animals, though most have become worn and broken, given the place an even creepier feel. The air is musty, possibly from rotting ale barrels that have never been moved in years, the only solace for your nose is the cooking meat.

A loud crash draws your attention to the center of the room where two miners brawl on the ground. Behind the bar, a man with short black hair and tattooed arms gives a loud laugh at the fight. The door to the kitchen swings open and a wiry, red-haired woman wearing an apron and wielding a rolling pin like a club dashes in and starts beating the drunken brawlers. “All right, all right. Break it up, you fools!” the red-haired woman bellows as the miners stumble to opposite corners of the room clearly terrified of the chef. She turns to the man behind the bar and says, “Dain, It’s too early for this,” before storming off into the kitchen. The bartender just laughs all the harder.

The two drunken miners are stumbling to their seats as you walk towards the bartop towards the bartender. There is a long row of empty benches to your left and to your right two creatures like the one you saw at the Quill and Stopper are locked in a heated arm wrestling match.

As you walk up to the bartop, one of the drunken miners still stumbling his way to his seat bumps into Yellow. "Ay mate, watch where you walking ey!" he shouts spraying spittle from his mouth as each word is enunciated. You both see eye to eye, and while both yellow and the miner look the same to all of you, the miner is slightly sturdier built and has pick ax chiseled arms.

The miner throws his hands up laughing in Yellows face "wait mate, wait… Dim! DIM!" he calls out to his friend, "come here… I said come here” he yells at the miner he was recently grappling near the bar top. The other one stumbles over, not much in a straight line, obviously a three sheets to the wind.

“Look, Dim, it’s one of those broken hammer rock huggers.” he sneers at Yellow.

Dim takes a step towards yellow, meaning to look closer, as he is possibly seeing duplicates and loses his balance, stumbling face forward towards Yellow but catches himself by grabbing the front of Yellows shirt in a bunch, he steadies himself and then with a hard shove, pushes yellow back into the group who braces him from falling.

“Useless rabbit turn muncher” Dim mumbles and turns to his fellow miner, “I bet he has hands like a cows teat.” he says and they both break into an uproarious laughter.

Yellow takes offence to the insult, huffs, anger flowing through him, "i can take you, you imp!" I bellow at Dim, angry at the rejection from the dwarfs whom are so common with himself. "You and me, outside, now!" he yells. The miners decide not to press their luck and slowly back away from Yellow and then move to their seats. Yellow turns around to see Qarth and White standing closely behind him smiling obviously the threatening force that the miners backed away from. White winks at him.

Black and Green both go to the bar to get a drink, but Salleek ever watchful tries to prevent Green from drinking, who tired of being bossed around catches Salleek attempting to take her drink from her and puts a small pen knife to his throat. Salleek feels slightly betrayed by the behavior, only doing his best to protect the group, and decides to back off and makes his way to the Holy Beacon alone but not before noticing the sign tacked to the Tavern wall by the exit advertising the 400 gold reward for the wolf pelts.

White unaware of the commotion at the bar, brings her attention to two half orcs arm wrestling at the table. She attempts to challenge the winner but is unable to understand their language. She slowly brings everyone else in the bar to the table, but when no one else understands them either Qarth suggest that they arm wrestle each other. White seeing this as a great idea proceeds and they lock hands to start, only to find their competitive spirits get the best of them and they are locked in battle for reals. Qarth insists to everyone that he let White win. She moves on to the orcs who, now understanding the deal, challenge her. She crit fails the match.

Defeated, penniless, and a bit drunk from the booze (6 hours of paranoia on Black), the group hurries to catch up with Salleek en route to the Holy Beacon.

The group makes their way to the Holy Beacon, a large stone cathedral. While it is still bright out the sun is behind the church, and it shadows is cast over you. You can see at the top of the steeple a large burning white flame encased in glass.
As you enter the large double wooden doors, White you are very happy at the size of these doors as you do not have to duck under them, a brazier that must always burn fills this a circular stone room with the smell of holy incense. Opposite the door the image of an enormous sun, the holy symbol of Lux, is emblazoned on a wall of white bricks. A dwarf priestess pokes at the fire, adding fuel with her other hand. Her blue eyes sparkle and her blonde hair pokes out from under her white hood as you move closer to the cozy fire.

She hears the door shut behind you and says “Welcome, my friends. How can the grace of Lux serve you?” As she looks up you see her stop mid sentence a shock on her face.

“Travok?”she asks. She moves towards Yellow. “Is that you?”

She moves quickly towards the Hill Dwarf. She reaches out to touch his face, but pauses. “Do you not remember me?”

“My name is Golonna Sunbraid, I was a cleric trained in Ascore many many years ago, near the Arn Forest up north. I have come here to Saerloon as a missionary to assist the Holy Beacon while they find a replacement for Father Gulmor.”

“Why are you here? You are so far from home.”

Yellow, now known as Travok explains, “I awoke on a beach not far from here alone with my friends, we all have no recollection of who we are. But, you seem to know, tell me, who am I? How do I know you?"

“It has been so long, Travok, but one does not forget a face like yours. We were young, still children then. Our families were friends, and you and I... “ she turns away back to the fire. Her face is a mix of pain and confusion and sadness. “Your fathers death was destructive. I was too young to understand why you left at the time. I only felt abandoned by my friend. It wasn’t until my clerical studies that I learned of your families banishment from the city.” She shakes her head. “It was unjustified but the elders felt that it was the only way to protect everyone as Asmodeus was clear he would not stop until the map was found.”

She turns to Travok. “Where is the map?” she asks him.

Golonna grabs him by the shoulders. “Travok, where is the map?”

“"Map? i-i-i don't have map, I woke up with nothing, I'm sorry, Golonna, what was on the map? I'm sorry, I don't remember anything."

"I... I do not know.." she says quietly, "your family was the keepers.It was passed on from generation to generation. When you father died it was given to you."


Known As
  • White
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Salleek / Blue
  • Red


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Name Golonna Sunbraid
Race Hill Dwarf
LNL The Holy Beacon
Name Dain the Bartender and Rayline
Race Unknown
LNL The Rowdy Room


White remembers she is a fighter and Red's name is  Qarth.
White remembers she is a fighter and Red's name is Qarth.
Yellow discovers he is a Hill Dwarf, his name is Travok, and he inherited a map.
Yellow discovers he is a Hill Dwarf, his name is Travok, and he inherited a map.


new locations discovered
The Rowdy Room
The Holy Beacon
104 gold spent


  • White gets owned in arm wrestle with half-orc.
  • Green steals multiple items from trading post without getting caught.