The Dragonborn`s hut - Session 2

The group finally came together at the yard of the home. The property is surrounded, from a birds eye view, by an oval stone gate rising 4 feet high. There is a candle flicking to the side over what appears to be a tomb. It appears to be a large coffin-like marble structure, your fingers touch it and it is cold and hard, but smooth, you can see the carvings on top of it beautifully done, so well done it appears that a creature is sleeping on the surface. The creature has feminine features, you can tell whoever made this did it painstakingly with love and care. there are no inscriptions that you can see.

Turning back to the house you hear sounds and shuffling coming from the house ahead, as if someone is moving around in there. Closer inspection by White and Yellow reveals that there is a candle set out next to the tomb perhaps in remembrance.

Getting closer to the home reveals the smell of yew logs is in the air, something that tells you that food is being prepared, on closer inspection you can hear the sound of a knife chopping on a hard board, there is the strong smells of garden herbs coming from the left side of the house as well.

Red, Purple Green, and Black move to the front door, Black being forced to the back of the group due to her small size. As you shuffle up to the front door you press your ear up against it. The door is cold. It feels like wood.

Purple opens the front door and barges in, saying in common tongue "Hello? We don't mean to intrude-- We're hurt and lost, and in need of some temporary safety from the descending night!" An odd hissing and growling like voice comes from the doorway. They are words, but you cannot make sense of them.

Then surprisingly.... You hear Purple speak... almost in the same language

As this is going on Green and Red scootch into the doorway behind purple with Black close behind. A blue-scaled dragonborn standing 7 feet tall with a greataxe strapped across his back and a muscular frame wrapped in animal skins gives an ear-to-ear growl to Purple, showing off his fine set of bestial teeth. There is a conversation going on within the house between the beast and Purple but one of you seem to make out any clear language. Eventually Purple turns and shouts..

"Stop, everyone! Leave this man's property or you're putting yourself in danger." Purple begins to guide Red and Green back out of the doorway suggestively as he speaks, “DO NOT MOVE”. Green and Red exit the house. Purple is now alone inside of the home. The noise from the creature comes again. Outside the house the door is now shut. There is silence. A sense of panic and fear washes over everyone. Green turns her attention away from the house and looks out into the forest. Salleek (Blue) notices, and watches as Green slowly starts walking towards the owl, crossing over the stone fence. As He watches Green walk away, he notices that the forest seems to grow darker. The commotion is broken by the door from the house opening and purple shouting at the top of his lungs, “Oi, rascals! Whoever wants a roof over their head tonight, get over here!” the group turns and rushes to the house, and as each of you enter the door Purple whispers in the common tongue, “When you go in here, you will sit and be silent. Not quiet, SILENT. If I hear a peep out of you I'm sure he'll chop your head off before I get a chance to."

Everyone failed to notice that Green choose to stay behind, slowly being enveloped in the darkness of the forest.

Everyone takes a seat around the firepit silently. You can smell broth, meat, herbs, all boiling from a pot in the center. The dragonborn eyes each of you suspiciously but at the sight of White he stops. His mouth seems to drop open in awe at the creature before him. He speaks to Purple in a much friendlier tone but still unintelligible. After a few minutes of staring he then sets down his battle axe and finds some bowls in the shelf behind him. Bowls are passed to each of you by the Person sitting next to you, from the large dragonborn, to Purple, to Red, to White, to Black, to Salleek (Blue), and finally to Yellow. As the bowls are passed around the Dragonborn eyes each of you individually intently, you know you are being watched, but as the bowl passes to white his demeanor changes to awe respect and those watching catch him nod his head as if to slightly acknowledge White.

As the final bowl makes its way around the circle and is handed back to the dragonborn, he bursts into a fit of rage and reaches for his Battle Axe roaring at Purple in an unknown tongue. Purple bows his head to the rage being thrust upon him, responding back in almost a quavering voice that is unintelligible. After a few tense moments Purple speaks. ‘"He says you may eat. Please try not to overstay your welcome more than we already have." with a slightly relieved chuckle”, Purple says.

You all eat in an uncomfortable silence staring at the fire to avoid the large Dragonborn’s eyes. As you all sit around the fire eating, the door bursts open, those with their back to the door hear a voice, like the larger dragonborn before you, but it sounds younger, for those who have a clear view of the door, you see a youngester dragonborne bursts in. It speaks excitedly but then stops as it sees the company. The larger dragonborne moves quickly and grabs the young one pulling him behind him, a flurry of conversations take place. As the son and father speak you eat your soup. watching them. The conversation between them goes on for a few minutes and then the young one turns to you. The young one speaks in the common tongue, asking you about where you are from, who you are, what you are doing, but when you produce no answers he moves to the basic geography. “Do you know of Saerloon?” He asks. When no one can recall the name he has his father produce a small sheet of paper that is handed out to you, it is a worn map, hand drawn but with much care, perhaps at one time worth a lot of money for the amount of effort put into it but you can tell it has been cut off from a much larger map.

As you stare at the map you realize You have no recollection of the names or the geographic shape of the map. The young dragonborn explains in the common tongue, as he points at the map in your hands, “this is Saerloon. This is where you are now. We thought perhaps it would jog the memory.” “We can offer you rest as camp outside. As you can see in the house there is no room. "but I warn you, do not venture into the forest when the sun is gone. there are beasts outside and they are hungry."

It is at this time that Salleek twitches at the mention of hungry beasts. "Green!" he cries out, suddenly. Without warning, he pushes to his feet and moves for the door.

Yellow is barely able to restrain him requesting that he stay inside the house. As you all stand realizing that you were originally 7 and not 6 and began to rush for the door, the large dragonborne roars loudly, freezing each of you in your place. He speaks quickly to his son and then walks out the door, carrying his great axe with him. Tael speaks quickly, “Sit and stay, do not venture outside, Father will find your friend.”

You sit and you wait in silence… Purple loudly slurping at his soup, too overwhelmed by the flavors in the broth, wondering to himself, “parsley? carrots? Is that rosemary I taste, I really need to get this recipe.” Inside the house Tael explains, “ Mother, before she passed,” you can see a sadness wash over the dragonbornes face as he remembers his mother long passed, “she placed a magical barrier around the stone wall which prevents any beasts or those who wish to do us harm from entering. Father forgets that sometimes, but I reminded him which is why we know you are not here to hurt us.”

“She had a special air around her. I can feel it now. I haven’t felt it in a long time, but you could feel it. A static like electricity in the air. She use to make the lights in the sky dance on her fingertips when I asked.” he trails off a bit at the memory, but then snaps back his attention to you. “ I haven’t felt that aura in a long time and I feel it now. It feels like one of you is how she was. A wizard.”

He turns away from the fire and spots the 7th bowl on the ground and scoops it up and pours himself some soup. “Father will be ok. He’s the strongest.”

He begins to eat silently, perhaps thinking of his mother, perhaps of other things. Seconds pass and then minutes.

Finally the door opens the dragonborne standing in the doorway. He appears to be alone. But then as he enters you can see he is dragging Green behind him.

He tosses her gently into the circle and shuts the door behind him. After a brief sense of worry and concern over Greens health she picks herself up and sits in the corner of the room, a bit of a pout on her face. The large Dragonborne stands and go back to his shelf and rumages around then comes back to the fire and sits. He hands out a bag, at first towards purple but then seems to change his mind and hands it to Salleek. The young one explains, “This is a few gold coins it will buy you what you need. You were obviously doing... something.. important. You are too strange a crowd to just be wanderers. We do not know what your mission was but surely it was important. When you go to Selgaunt, find the only human in town, he sells many sorts of things. Use this to buy what you need, under the promise, that one day, we may call you for a favor.”

You all make camp outside after a bit of reassurance that no warm will come to you in the night Purple with a full belly and Salleek still wired from the circumstances with Green earlier take first watch.

Other than a few howls and hoots nothing came of the night. White found herself uncomfortable as the tents provided were too small, but eventually you all awoke refreshed and awakened after a long rest. You set off for Selgaunt, the forest bringing wolf howls and owls hoots around you.

Eventually you noticed a creature following you. You all see the owl after Salleek points it out. It is slightly large than a normal owl, with deep red feathers, streaked with yellow and black its eyes are large with outer blue rims and bright orange around the pupils It stops and watches you. After a bit of beckoning and silly gestures you discover the mysterious owl belongs to Black.

You make your way through the forest and to the town. The group stops at “the Quill and Stopper” and the group enters expecting a trade post.

This small shop is kept clean and neat. Several scroll cases marked with arcane runes and small vials of red and green liquid sit on display inside a glass counter. Behind the counter sits a well-groomed creature in blue robes reading a tome. He looks up as you enter and says in perfect Common, “Groknarg Wrathaxe at your service. How can I be of assistance on this fine day?”

Eventually the group exits realizing the are in the wrong location as Groknarg has stated the only human in the area, is down the street a bit.

The group exits the shop, only to realize once again they have left Green behind. As they enter Salleek catches Green and Groknarg in an odd conversation…

GREEN says "what would you suggest for a Drow"

Graknarg responds. “ "KNowing your type, you can never not have enough health potion. I may have a few " he drums his fingers together in excitement "special... items in the back that I would need to dig out, but it is going to take me a bit to find them." "curious my dear" he continues "With what you know, and they way you all are dressed...." "What cult have you joined may I ask?"

GREEN responds with "Yes, I shall come back in a day. The one of the language I spoke to you in" with a slight wicked smile forming on her face.

The shopkeeper nods and smiles widely, "I look forward to it!" he beams as he waves to you.

As you exit Quill and Stopped you make a left going the direction he told you and eventually come to a crossroads. To the left you see a field. To the right you see a bunch of buildings like the one you exited and ahead of you about 200 feet you see the building on the left that possibly the Orc had told you about. Beyond that high up on a hill you see the cathedral. The sun has not fallen behind it completely but it low enough to cast a shadow on what you presume is the tradepost. Looking around you are starting to get the feeling that this is a mining town. Not a place that people come to raise children but a place that people come to make money and send it back home.

You all head to the tradepost and finally come to a large wooden building with a hand scrawled sign on it stating “Pegleg Trading Post”

As you enter the shop, you see neatly arranged rows of rope, tools, rations, and more line the perfect shelves of Pegleg Trading Post. A human in tan pants and a green doublet is surprisingly nimble on his wooden leg as he stocks the shelves. He gives an enormous smile when he notices customers in the shop. “Well met! What can I do for ya?”

Salleek says, "We were sent here by a man named Alcaeus. We're hoping to get gear to aid us on our travels." The Human stops for a moment kind of realizing what he is looking at pauses....

"Alcaeus has sent me a lot of customers in his time, but this by far is the strangest lot" He points at Red- "I think you need to have the animals stay outside"

Red Speaks, “what is it you see when you see me kind man?”

Pegleg’s mouth drops open, "Azor'alq give me courage it speaks!". You hear the clop clop clop as he moves closer.

Pegleg exams Red for a few but after awhile is distracted by Green who seems to draw his full attention. "what you looking for sweetie" he asks her. Salleek seems to tense upon hearing Pegleg address Green as 'sweetie,' though, not wanting to cost them the chance to get the gear they so desperately need, makes no comment. GREEN says to Peglog, “ clothes,nothing to fancy, good for traveling and a heavy hooded cloak, sun light hurts you know. And maybe a dagger or sturdy short sword" smiling wickedly sweet at Pegleg. Pegleg obviously captivated by Green, perks up at the sight of the smile, "I have just the thing for you my dear"

He clomps off to a shelf behind his counter. He pulls out a box sets it on the counter and beckons Green over. "come come, see what i have just for you" he says. As Green gets closer, Salleek casually moves around the shop, settling near where Pegleg is, but trying to avoid looking suspicious. Salleek makes a point to seem like he's focused on the merchandise, but watches Pegleg and Green through the corner of his eye. Pegleg opens the box and produces a long thin metal Rapier. "I heard your kind are good with these, I met one of you long ago, she was a beauty," he gives a grin. "I saw it one day and had to have it, for the memories"

Purple perks up, “Um, are we going to pay for that?"

As he hears the word pay, it seems whatever spell he is in is broken and he slams the box shut with the Rapier in it."Pay yes. about that. Do you have any money?” he asks. Salleek states they have 105 gold, after counting the pouch of gold given to them by the blue skinned Dragonborn. Green, focuses her attention back on Peglog working the sexual charm that the human seems to be fascinated with and says, “oh pegleg, would you be willing to part with it, for memories sake" very sweetly.

Pegleg licks his lips a bit, "you're so much younger than she was too." he bites his lip a bit and rubs his hands over themselves as if deeply thinking about what is going on, the confusion, of this creature he hasn't seen in years, this new creature he has never seen, and the rag tag group all wearing what appears to be a sever lack of normal clothing and armor accustomed to travelers.

He pushes the box towards Green.”It's yours, but I ask you one thing” and then he leans close to her and whispers in her ear and then turns to the rest of you as if nothing happens. “What do you all need?” he asks. You explain that you need armor and weapons, and he says that due to your dragonborn acquaintance he will fit you with what you need, but you need to see Hinger for most weapons as he only has a few things. He then begins to gather the supplies.


Known As
  • White
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Salleek / Blue
  • Red


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Name Alcaeus and Tael
Race Dragonborn
LKL Alcaeus Saerloon home
Name Groknarg Wrathaxe
Race Half-Orc
LKL The Quill and Stopper
Name Pegleg
Race Human
LKL Pegleg's Trading Post


Purple discovered he is Dragonborn and that Red is a Goliath.
Purple discovered he is Dragonborn and that Red is a Goliath.
Green discovered laughing demons in her head
Green discovered laughing demons in her head
Black discovers her familiar, Cornball.
Black discovers her familiar, Cornball.


  • Draconic Purple
  • Common Natural Language
  • Infernal Green


new locations discovered
Alceaus Home
105 gold obtained
unknown forest
Town of Selgaunt
Pegleg's trading Post
new languages discovered


  • White smelled smoke, but in dark did not see smoke.
  • Yellow can read gud.
  • Green works her charm and gets a free Rapier.