The Holy Beacon, Hinger`s Hammer, and the Tavern- Session 4

The Holy Beacon

Salleek seems about the events now taking place at the Holy Beacon. Watching as Travok racks his brain in confusion, almost as if physically attempting to hurt himself to remember details of the lost map and all the information that Golonna as given him, Salleek decides to interrupt to give Travok time to process the information.

He speaks up. "With our lack of memories, we have few options other than to trust each other. To hurt any of the others of our group would be to potentially cost us the opportunity to learn about ourselves. Though, I suppose that doesn't stop some of us from doubting each other, so...perhaps my point is invalid." After a moment of thought, he does on. "By the way, is there a priest named Gulmor here?"

The dwarf priestess continues to speak to Travok even though Salleek had answered. "Father Gulmor is missing. I came here as his replacement due to his old age he was not able to maintain the church any longer. With the issue with the wolves it made things harder, and Father Gulmor was insistent upon eradicating the wolves himself. "

She shakes her head. “He is an old foolish stubborn man. I told him no, but he ordered the Quarterstaff from Willen, but when the shipment was delayed due to the raiders on the road, Father must of gone out without. That was yesterday. I have not seen him since. I hope that he returns soon, but these dark events...” she trails off.

“What has been happening, Golonna?” Travok asks the priestess.

"There were disappearances, before the wolves. People just turning up missing nowhere to be found. Mostly women. Then the wolves came. Slaughtering the sheep. Running our food stocks low. No one able to stop them and now you are here..." she pauses her head in hands stressed from thinking about it.

"These wolves aren't normal" she whispers... there is something dark beyond it all. “..... wolves?” White says outloud, fearful of the tension that the short story has created. Travok shudders and puts his arm around himself as if to give himself comfort. Salleek furrows his brows, deeply concerned by this revelation. "I was asked to deliver the quarterstaff he ordered. If it is possible for you to provide me with equipment of my own, then, after we see the blacksmith, we could head out to find Father Gulmor."

For the first time Golonna pulls her eyes away from Travok. “I am not sure why Willen would send you here…” she looks to Salleek and then as she sees the creature speaking she stops.

“Oh.” she blinks a few times and then stands.

She takes Travoks hand and gives it a squeeze, “Perhaps I was wrong to judge your friends so fast.” Golonna smiles for the first time and then motions for everyone to follow

The group quickly stands, wasting no time in following after her. These were serious matters, far too much so to be concerned with staying here to enjoy the comfort this building brought them, or to be confused by the priestess' strange reaction to their sudden appearnance at her doorstep. she leads them to a staircase that leads them up into a second floor. You enter a brightly lit room, a large window facing the setting sun. Green shields herself from the light. Large humanoid resemblances of the God of Lux adorn the wall, some paintings, some statues.

Golonna moves quickly to the right towards a large alcove. A large dark wooden closet made of maple is there, she opens the door and a line of robes is displayed. “This was one of the original armors before the rulers decided that it was better for their own colors to seen. We are not permitted to use these at government offices any longer, so I am sure that Father Gulmor would be happy to see it get used. I think you should keep the quarterstaff as well, even if Father Gulmor is found unharmed, he is too old to be giving into such fantasies of being a warrior.”

Golonna notices Green shying away to the shadows , and pulls a cape and hood out. It is a simple dull gray cape with a large hood. "Take this my dear, it will offer you no protection other than that from the sun"

The exchange of clothing to Green and Salleek is interrupted by Black whose paranoia from the cheap drink at the Tavern earlier that day had gotten the best of her. The hallucinations have become to much for her tiny mind as she begins to see the large status of the God of Lux began to grow fangs. The paintings on the wall began to open their mouths wide as if to swallow them. She begins to hear the sun laughing a deep menacing laugh. Black absolutely terrified that the statues are about to eat her begins to run across the room looking for a place to hide, wailing loudly and screaming incoherently. Golonna in shock shrieks at the outburst, both Green and Purple move across the room quickly towards black, Green throwing her cape around Black, to swaddle her, almost like a feral kitten, restricting Blacks movements. Purple feeling a sense of need to investigate the issue further lays his hands on Blacks forehead checking for a temperature.

As Purple touches Black’s bare skin a bright warm light comes from the contact. Purple feels a divine energy channeling through him and black feels a warm calmness as she is touched.This is an audible gasp in the room as everyone watches the surprising turn of even unfold. Purple gasps in surprise at the unfamiliar sensation, before a wash of warmth and light surrounds him, and he sighs heavily. Black stands up as if shaking off a bad dream and looks to Purple and smiles, thanking him warmly, and explaining to everyone the feeling of warmth and calmness that enveloped her as she was cured of the paranoia. The situation had led Purple to remember “Lay on hands”.

Golonna gives a little clap at the conclusion of the commotion and then speaks to Purple and Salleek. "Go to Hingers for weapons and then to the Tavern for a room. Tell them that the God of Lux has sent you here to slaughter the wolves, and you have been given the blessing of Father Gulor. They will help you. If they do not show them this” she hands Purple a priest pack and necklace with a large black onyx gemstone shaped into a spade. In the center of the stone, almost as if naturally grown inside it is a bright yellow sunburst. The yellow shines slightly almost glowing.

Golonna turns to Travok and slides a parchment into Travoks hand, “do not lose this, this is parchment has been blessed by the Great Priest of Lux. I will journey to the Great Library of Cormyr and I will find all the information that I can and write back to you. When I write to you, my words will appear here. You must go now, there is service soon.”

Hinger's Hammer

The group takes their items and leaves the Holy Beacon making their way towards Hinger’s Hammer, the local blacksmith shop. As they walk South towards the building with the smoke was coming out of they finally come to a sign HINGERS HAMMER is carved out of the wood and placed over the house. The din of a rhythmic hammer pounding metal can be heard before even entering this sweltering blacksmith’s shop. Suits of armor and fine weapons line the walls. Behind the counter, the burliest, sweatiest halfling you’ve ever seen pounds out an unfinished sword on an anvil made for someone just his size. Without stopping his work he shouts, “Dino! Mari! Customers.”

You see two small halfings who look almost identical except one is a girl and one is boy come running out towards you. They both stop in their tracks at the sight of you, the boys mouth a little open, and then they start whispering each other, pointing and talking to each other clearly speaking about the odd group in front of them, which they were both to young to see. They make a spectacle of Black, giggling and laughing as they look at her pointing and whispering to each other.

Hinger eventually comes over to investigate why his halfing children are not assisting as he had askied and Purple launches into a boisterous speech…. "Good day, gentleman..." Purple starts, somewhat uncomfortably by the mass of heat and man-smell inside of this store. "The God of Lux has sent us to this down to eradicate your wolf epidemic, and we are searching for some good-quality weaponry to aid our efforts." He flashes them the onyx necklace around his neck.

Hinger, not impressed by Purple but knowing that Father Gulmor assistes the community in its time of need starts providing weapons to the crew, but not before taking notice of Black. The hafling walks over to her.

"You know, it's not often I'm the tallest one in the room!" he gives a hearty laugh and pats her on the head." He goes over to a large pile of metals and starts shifting through him. Pulls out two small daggers. Looks at them and then waves black over. He gives them to her

"You can pretend their swords" and gives her a wink.

Black glares at him and walks off pouting and hides behind White whose massive calves and thighs almost completely hide the girl. Green makes her way to Black to comfort her making sure she is not too badly upset from the teasing, as she feels an understanding of what it is like to be singled out by others. Hinger provides Travok with a blacksmith kit for repairing his handaxes. He continues digging through the box and pulls out a large mace. There are bits of hair and what appears to be dried skin stuck to it. He hands the mace to purple.

He then takes Purple to the armor that he can select from, all used by Tael and Alceus at one point. Purple settles on a scale mail heavy armor set. The leather on it once dark, but now clearly faded, plates of metal strapped in layers around the vulnerable areas. The silver metal is painted in faded reds, oranges and yellows, with small faded symbols that seem vaguely religious, which he can't identify but still feel drawn towards. Although the paint and leather are worn with age and use, there are a few tufts of high quality fur lining some seams, and the suit seems to emit a sense of wisdom over its years. Purple seems called to the armor, and takes no notice of the slime and what looks like black mold caked to the inside and out in hard to reach places. The halfing nods at Purples selection, "Good choice, if only Tael hadn't left it in the sewage pond for so long I would of been able to resell it. Some of that grim just never wanted to come off"

As Purple dons the armor he feels a familiar rush of pride running through him. He closes his eyes.

Purple opens his eyes again. He is no longer standing in the Church among the others. He stands inside a enormous library, bookshelfs raising 30 feet high up the walls, tables and chairs lined out like pews in a church. A church of knowledge so to speak. It is quiet and warm, with only the shuffling sound of the students of lore and the divine as they move from shelf to shelf collecting books and bringing them to the tables to read up on their gods or the tales of history.

Salleek sits before him. He recognizes Salleek now. He is wearing a long blue robe, adorned with white and gold outlinings. The hood is partly up, his bright white hair falling down from it almost to his chest.

Salleek turns to him and removes his hood. It is not often that he does as Purple knows he hates the attention, his pale grey-white skin almost glowing in the sunlight.

Purple can see that Salleek is much younger now, his face free of stress and worry

Salleek smiles up at him, “I see they finally took the time to fit you in some armor nice shiny armor that gets around your fat gut!” Salleek gives him a hearty laugh and pokes his gut which is covered in thick armor.

“You’re just angry cause you have to look at your own ugly mug in the reflection now.” Purple jabs back and laughs with him.

“But tell me good friend, how does it feel? To finally be one.”

Purple stops laughing and smiles proudly. “It feels just as good as I thought it would.”

Salleek stands and places a hand on his shoulder. “Good then. I am proud of you Ra’hul”

Ra'hul opens his eyes and is back in the halfings shop. Purple is now known as Ra'hul

Ra’hul shoots awake, and spins wildly until his eyes meet with Salleek, eyes wide. "My... My name..."

Salleek seems surprised as Purple turns specifically to him. "Your name? Did you have a memory?

Ra’hul nods hurriedly. "Yes. I-I'm... Ra'hul..." he stammers, feeling himself grow a little dizzy as he's flooded with so much new information. "I think I need some fresh air." He sighs again, and tiptoes back out of the building.

The group gathers their materials and reluctantly makes their way towards the Rowdy Room to find food and a place to sleep.

The Tavern

As they enter the Tavern Ra’hul once again begans his boisterious speech giving it to the barmaid. As he is speaking to the barmaid White notices a Bodhran in the corner of the Tavern and makes her way over to it.

You go over and pick up the Bodhran. It looks... familiar. There is a small femur like stick next to it which you take and pound against it your mind opens as if hit by a cosmic blast of memories, and almost instantaneously, the memories of your childhood enter your head; the steady beat of your tribes War drum, the heat and crackle of the center communities bonfire.

The pounding of bare feet in the soft warm sand.

You are young, only a child, many years before your champion will be selected for you. The rhythm and tempo quickens, the bonfire grows larger and you watch captivated by the sensory override in your young mind. The champions dance in circles around the growing fire, their feet barely kicking up dust from the fine sand around them. The smoky from the fire stings your eyes, the musky smell of the mens body odor, it is an event happening before you again as if you are there.

The boys of the community slowly joined one by one. Walking away from their mothere’s sides and towards the men in front of them, slowly joining the trance like dance around the bonfire. The ones you knew. The ones you grappled. The ones you played with. The ones you almost always beat.

You were larger, bigger than them, the best. This was your glory. your moment. Your reward. You waited so many years for this moment. You were named after Mualio Lonehunter after all, the Ranger Goliath who saved countless tribes from starvation with his peerless gift for stalking elusive game. You entered your calling, you entered ready. You walked out, away from your mother’s side. This was your moment. Your glory. Your reward. You joined them, you started to dance.

And just like the memory from your head, you were quickly ripped away and ushered into the back of the community circle where you were scolded. You were shamed. This was not your place. This was not what you do. You were not worthy.

The memory fades. You are holding the bodhran. You remember your name. Mualia. White is now known as Mualia.

Mualia "I think I remember my name" says quietly almost to herself unheard over the talk going on in the Tavern. Green however notices Mualia holding the Bodhran and as Mualia begins to play it, awfully, the whole Tavern stopping to watch as Mualia butchers what is meant to be called music. Green feels a bit of an frustration inside of her and walks across the Tavern taking the musical instrument from Mualia.

Green now holding the instrument in her hand feels a connection for the first time. Everyone looking up at her she is feeling a rush of excitement, an all too familar rush.

She slowly begans to play as she plays, as if controlled by an outside voice, she opens her mouth and begins to sing her voice is smooth, almost a whisper, haunting:

“Drizzt Daermon


His eyes were a lavender hue

Drizzt Daermon


He saw for the first time sky blue

His skin was jet black

a green cloak on his back

He held in his hands swords, two

Summoned his panther

And fought like a dancer

Every strike that he laid sang true

Drizzt Daermon


Taught by Montolio Debrouchee

Drizzt Daermon


He wore on his neck Mielikki

The North called him Ranger

The dark saw him as Danger

They not let him leave free

Hunted those he befriended

One by one their lives ended

What kind of a world will this be.

Drizzt Daermon


I sold my soul for thee

Drizzt Daermon


If only he was in love with me.”

As Green finishes the song, she looks up to see the Tavern clientele watching her with wide eyes. Very few have seen an Elven Drow let alone heard one sing. Everyone is spellbound. Slowly one by one bar breaks into an uproar of applause, the atmosphere of the bar changing from dark, cold, misery to lively, juvile, and festive. Green continues to play into the night at the encouragement of the Barmaid and patrons with the promise of food and lodging.


Known As
  • White
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Travok / Yellow
  • Salleek / Blue
  • Qarth / Red


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White remembers her past and her name, Mualia.
White remembers her past and her name, Mualia.
Golonna gives Travok a magic paper.
Golonna gives Travok a magic paper.
Green discovers she is a bard.
Green discovers she is a bard.
Purple learns of his healing touch, his friendship with Salleek and that his name is Ra'hul.
Purple learns of his healing touch, his friendship with Salleek and that his name is Ra'hul.


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The Holy Beacon
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