Mr. Pig - Session 12

After watching Salleek storm out of the Tavern, Ra'hul spends a few moments gathering his thoughts, then eventually heads outside, when he realizes that Salleek has no intention of walking back in anytime soon. Salleek is sitting down against the wall, his knees curled in and his head resting on the wall pointed upwards. The air is thick and awkward between them as he approached, shifting in his slimy armor uncomfortably. "You know... You could have told us you were worried. You could have just said that Pegleg attacked you, or simply made you uncomfortable. You could have said you didn't want to talk about it, that it would upset Green and cause a bad reaction. Anything would have been better than nothing."

Salleek turns to him, his expression akin to someone who's lost. "I wanted to explain that, but it didn't seem appropriate when everyone was talking about dreams or the postings--then, Green became emotional when she realized one involved Pegleg, and...I was just trying to calm her down. Of course you all had to notice the new equipment then, and it just...It wasn't a good time. There was never a good time."

Ra’hul looks down at the other sitting in the fetal position, sighing and standing silently as he listened before plopping himself next to the other on the ground. "Well... I can see how that would be overwhelming. I wish you had just asked for help. These people see you as a leader, and I think that's a good thing... But it's a position that requires transparency.

Rahul pauses for a moment and continues, “You have to understand that from an outside perspective, the only thing anyone knew about the situation was the sneaking, and then the ridiculous... dangerous emotional outbursts when you two were questioned. Would you trust someone who was like that towards you?" He sighs, feeling like he knew the answer in the man's head. "Honesty is a less painful path than this one, my friend."

Salleek lowered his head when his former friend sat next to him, before blinking and looking back up at him at the word 'leader.' He'd never really thought of himself like that, though he supposed he had taken up the position. He listened carefully to the Dragonborn's words before slowly shaking his head. "I suppose you're right--No. I know it. I just..." Salleek shakes his head again, this time slightly more vigorously. There wasn't really any more for him to say.

Ra’hul is visibly more relaxed, relieved that the tension of the whole situation has been somewhat exhaled, although he could still sense it in the other. He felt bad that they both knew Ra was the one giving the majority of the stress and complaining towards the two, but he couldn't leave alone how he felt. At least now there was talking. He chuckled contentedly, giving Sal a pat on the back. "Be lucky that I am your worst enemy so far, old man. We have a long way to go before we get to wherever home is."

Ra’hul lumbers onto his feet, holding out a hand for Sal to latch onto so the two can head back inside.

Salleek responds to the words 'old man' with a playful glare before, with a sigh, reaching for Ra's hand and standing.

A few hours later back inside the Tavern while everyone is trying to figure out what to do for the day

Meribonk sees the door of the Tavern creek open and a little halfing boy with lightly tanned skin, big brown eyes, and tussled brown hair peeks in. He glances around quickly and then enters the room, closing the door behind him and leaning against it as if wondering if he needs to remember where it is in case he needs to escape.

He moves forward in small steps glancing at each of you shyly. His eyes go wide at the sight of Mualia, a small little gasp coming from his mouth, and he decides against whatever he was planning and looks to the rest.

Each time he looks to each of the Pathseekers he does the same, as if he wants to approach but something about you has shook his nerves. He goes through each one of you, stepping forward and then back, Mualia, Green, Travok, Qarth and then finally sees Meribonk, the small little gnome no bigger than himself.

He bashfully creeps forward towards the gnome only slightly taller than him. He looks like he wants to speak but can’t seem to find the words. He thrusts out in his closed fist a paper that is wrapped around something.

Meribonk nods and takes it from the boy

As she does this the group hears a loud smack on the Tavern floor and the bartender storming forward. He shoos the little halfing off and out the door angrily not saying a word as he does so. The bartender heads back to the bar and then exits to the kitchen area, you can hear him yelling at Rayline, “that little halfing been bothering the customers again, I told you I don’t want him in here, he makes the customers nervous!”

When the bartender is not looking, Meribonk carefully unfurls the paper to see what's inside. As she opens the paper she sees, what looks like, a small opal like green stone. its been filed and shaped into some kind of short stout animal. It’s very rudimentary but you can make out the shape. The stone itself sparkles and glistens, it may possibly be a gem. You see that wrapped around it is a note:

“dear pathsekrs will you find my pig he is lost the farmers sad u r strung and kill the bad dogs. i dont have coin but i can give you my roc.

Shortly after Ralyine exits the kitchen and comes over to check on the group to see if they need anything, foods or drinks. Rayline notices the note Meri has and reads it over her shoulder. She shakes her head sadly and speaks

“Oh Evan, that poor sweet boy. He’s an orphan. I heard his mother died shortly after he was born and then his father left when he was only still a tot. I heard he was adopted by one of the mining families who couldn’t have any children,” she shakes her head sadly. “None of the other children will play with him because he can’t hear or speak so he ventures into the woods alone now. He has imaginary friends and now claims one of them is lost, but don’t be fooled he has never had a pig, it’s all in the poor boys head."

Meribonk scratches her chin in contemplation listening to Rayline, "Well.. I suppose if that's true, it wouldn't be too hard to make this pig a reality for the poor kid" she says. Meribonk feels a connection to Evan, being an outlander. Although she doesn't owe the kid squat, she understands the importance of animal companionship (imaginary or not) especially when there is no one else. Also, the stone is beautiful… Meribonk quickly pockets the shiny thing.

Rayline sighs sadly, "I think he's just lonely..." She then turns and goes back to the kitchen to help Dain.

Travok breaks the silence, "maybe we should help the wee lad?"

Ra’hul reads over the note slowly, grinning at the horrible grammar briefly, but still finding it endearing. "I don't see the harm in it. But how are we gonna find one pig out of all of the pigs on the planet?"

Travok responds, "maybe we can track it? I used to hunt, maybe I can follow some tracks it has made?" recalling his dream when he was hunting for Meribonk.

The group all agrees and gears themselves up for the adventure.


Known As
  • Mualia / White
  • Green
  • Ra'hul / Purple
  • Meribonk / Black
  • Travok / Yellow
  • Salleek / Blue
  • Qarth / Red


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Name Evan, deaf orphan child
Race Hafling
LNL Somewhere in the town of Selgaunt


Travok and Ra'hul make amends.
The Pathseekers learn of Mr. Pig, the missing pig.